Disintegrator ZKSSW

Video Disintegrator

Disintegrators in completely compact designs.
The disintegrators in this design series were optimised to chop up metal shavings (St, VA, Al, GG, Ms, bronze and lead). The compact design allows for models using single screw, double screw and multiple screw technology.

These design series are characterised by a comparatively low dead weight. They are also designed to be a completely bolted structure that can be fully dismantled.

Because of the variation of disintegrator parameters, the design, length, style of punched screen and the rotating speed, the machines can be adapted ideally to the your peculiar needs i.e. space requirements, throughput capacity and metal shavings quality.

The focal points, combinability and ease of maintenance, are updated with the help of the consistent 3D CAD design. As a result, all the spare parts, cutter blades, sieves, couplings and bearings in a design series are the same.

The design is topped off by the integrated quick sieve changeover system. This allows the sieves to be removed with minimum effort during flexible fabrication and for these to be reinserted again without the use of any tools within just a few minutes.

Technical Data:
Disintegrators in completely compact designs with SSW quick sieve changeover system.

· Easy to maintain
· Inexpensively priced spare parts

200 and 250

Design length:
200 to 800 mm

200 mm

Rotating Speed:
70 to 90 U/min

Motor output:
2,2 bis 5,5 kW