Metas - Tank to tank pumping stations

Tank to tank pumping stations


Conveyor systems for emulsions

We fabricate tank-to-tank pumping stations as a system component for recycling systems for wet metal shavings (swarf) or as individual components.

If wet metal shavings (swarf) are encountered as a waste material during metal processing, we advise the use of tank-to-tank pumping stations. Metas tank-to-tank pumping stations are fabricated using extremely wear-resistant materials and are characterised by their sturdiness and reliability. The emergency dumping at the tank-to-pumping station developed by Metas guarantees the production process is trouble-free, even if individual components of the recycling system suffer a breakdown.

In the Metas recycling systems for the processing of metal shavings (swarf), the swarf that has been ground down into a re-usable size by the disintegrator is fed into the coolant separation system by the tank-to-tank pumping station.

Once the metal shavings (swarf) have been separated from the coolant emulsion, the separated materials can be used for recycling (swarf) and the coolant can be returned to the machinery circulation system.