Metas - Dust Extraction Equipment

Filtration system


Filtration systems, modularly designed, for new and existing systems
Our dust extraction systems can be used for extracting dust from industrial systems in a multitude of industries. The variety of processing methods in industry is just as large as the number of materials that are being processed. This results in various by-products in the form of dust, smoke, soot, vapour and gases.

We have a complete range of services for extraction concepts available so the customer is able to comply with the safety regulations and legal requirements that are in effect.

The Metas dust extraction system product range contains the correct selection of filters for various operating conditions and requirements. They are backed by decades of experience and well thought-out product concepts, even for complicated application fields.

The modular design of our systems makes it possible for us to modernise existing systems or to completely plan or produce new systems in a simple manner.

As is the case with all our products and services, you will also be able to rely on the high quality of our products with our dust extraction systems and on the fact that we use the latest technologies and fabrication processes and deliver innovative solutions.

Combined separator-filter unit with discharge element