Metas - Plant Engineering and Construction

Chip crusher
Shredders in various designs with groundbreaking performance and high reliability.
Shredding, suction, collection - the complete solutions for your chip and production waste.
Lifting and tipping devices
Precisely tailored to the needs of the customer and the containers used.
Entstaubung Kopie
Exhaust air cleaners
Filtration systems with modular design for new and existing plants
Tank to tank pumping stations
Conveyor systems for emulsions.
Briquette press
Emulsion-free pellets - pressed and ready for the recycling process.
Abrasion technology
Wear parts with appropriate surface finish

Achieving an optimum operation with high tech systems and automation concepts
For individual projects or extensive major projects, our Project Management team will accompany you through all the phases and will coordinate all the process cycles until the installation is successfully completed, while always taking financial and ecological aspects into consideration.

The real-time implementation of projects occurs as a result of consistently using our own specially developed standard components from our modular system. Take a good look at the quality of the components, which have reliably been proven and tested for years under rough conditions.

Our range of services
Highly capable systems with high system stability and optimum owner/operator benefits

  • Recycling systems and size reduction technology
  • Conveyor systems, lifting and tipping equipment
  • Pipeline design with points and crossings and discharge elements
  • Exhaust air cleaners
  • Tank to tank pumping stations

Abrasion technology

Recycling systems and size reduction technology
Metas has particular expertise in the area of recycling systems and size reduction technology. Reputable companies from the automotive engineering and automotive supplier industry put their trust in Metas’ special know-how with regard to systems such as classical conveyors for metal shavings or for swarf reprocessing.