Metas - Abrasion Technology


The design and the surface texture of modern consumables decisively determine the quality of the manufactured products and the economy of the production process.

Selecting the correct consumables and the corresponding surface topography is a decisive factor for safeguarding one’s ability to be competitive here.

Metas Metall- und Anlagenbau has many years of experience in this area. Specialist personnel and the latest processing and coating processes guarantee you receive individual problem solutions and contemporary products, which deliver economy of cost, quality and safety.

Based on the experience earned over the years, Metas has specialised in the development and production of abrasion-resistant tools for reprocessing, size reduction and recycling technology. Metas products are used in all the disintegrators and reprocessing systems, where heavy wear is encountered. They provide the maximum resistance against abrasion, erosion and impacts.

Because of the use of up-to-date technologies and selected materials with the tried and proven Metas quality, we produce wear-resistant parts, components and systems with a high economy of cost.

The fabrication and delivery program includes:

  • Disintegrator cutter blades
  • Wear-resistant floors
  • Wear-resistant pipes
  • Wear-resistant interior liners
  • Hard facings
  • Components made of Hardox