Metas - Plants, components and products

Shredder ZKSSW
Shredder in compact design complete.
Disintegrator ZKG
Crusher in reinforced construction complete.
Extraction station
Extraction station with and without shredder / dosing screw for chip extraction
Magnetic separator_across
Filtering and Separator
Filter and separation systems with modular design for new and existing plants
Rotary valve_across
Discharge elements
Rotary valve, discharge gate, shut-off unit, manual gate, automatic shut-off unit and rotary distributor
Conveying and dosing equipment
Scraper conveyor, slat-band conveyor, changeover diverter, screw conveyor, vibrating chute, lift-and-tilt device, centrifuges and vacuum pump

We manufacture and run all the necessary components and systems for chip extraction, shredding and processing for the automotive, metalworking and mechanical engineering industries.

Shredder ZKSSW
– Single shaft
– Double shaft
– Three-shaft
– Four shaft

Shredder ZKG
– Single shaft
– Two shaft
– Trishaft
– Two-shaft with double motor
– Four shaft

Suction station
– with dosing screw for chip extraction
– with shredder and dosing screw
– Object extraction for dusts
– Components for extraction station

Filter / Separator
– Combined separator/filter unit
– Magnetic separator
– Material separator
– Safety filter

Discharge element
– Rotary valve
– Discharge slide valve
– Shut-off unit
– Manual slide valve
– Automatic shut-off unit
– Rotary distributor

Conveying and dosing equipment
– Scraper conveyors
– Slat-band chain conveyor
– Changeover switch
– Screw conveyor
– Vibrating chute
– Lift and tilt device
– Centrifuge
– Vacuum pump
– Briquetting press

Piping and fittings
– Wear resistant bends
– Wear resistant branches
– Wear resistant pipes
– Couplings
– Reductions
– Shut-off element

Tubular steel frames

Chip silo

Stamped, laser and bent parts
– Laser-cut sheet metal blanks, also with bends
– Steel parts for furniture and shop fitting
– Spare parts and customised products