Metas - Welding Technology

We have the qualifications for your orders!

Regularly trained and tested welders make it possible to manufacture high quality products.

Utilised welding processes

  • WIG
  • Impulse
  • Resistance welding

On-going non-destructive testing such as ultrasound testing on subassemblies safeguards and documents the required quality levels. All test techniques can be used. As quality and safety already starts with the purchasing, tooling materials and material testing is not new to us.

Low-strain repair technology for additional freedom of distortion through welding and special welding seam treatment
By combining modern scientifically tested processing techniques, Metas is in a position to offer simple and complex repairs even on high-tensile steel and to largely distortion-proof quenched and tempered steel.

We have highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in this specialist field.

We can also offer you substantiated loss assessment and provide you with optimum repair and improvement suggestions.