Metas - Recycling systems and size reduction technology

Video Disintegrator


The specialist for reasonably priced recycling systems and size reduction equipment with high owner/operator benefits
Metas recycling technology is not only reasonable priced, when compared with other metal shavings (swarf) and waste recycling systems. Metas equipment generates its investment costs within a short period time due to cost savings during the conveying of waste materials and being able to re-circulate the recycled materials. Many years of expertise has made us one of the leading Recycling Technology companies in Germany. Reputable companies from the automotive engineering and automotive supplier industry have successfully been working with Metas systems for many years.

Size Reduction Equipment

is the core element of Metas’ recycling technology. The Metas ZKSSW and ZKG disintegrators grind up coarse production leftovers and waste into conveyable and re-useable fine metal shavings (swarf). The disintegrator is characterised by its special sturdiness and resulting low servicing requirements.

Disintegrators from Metas can be used everywhere metal shavings (swarf) and coarse production waste is found. Waste materials from lathes are a major area of use. Here, it makes no difference if the swarf is damp or dry.

Wood shavings and electric cables, scrap parts and electric equipment can also be processed using Metas’ size reduction equipment.

Recycling Systems

Metas offers a complete recycling solution for all your production waste. From the classic swarf conveyor systems to swarf suction extraction and disintegration to swarf reprocessing. In direct automated and failure-safe connection with your production systems, the production waste will be reduced in size (chopped up), and the metal and non-metallic and solid substances will be separated from any fluids. The selected materials can then be re-introduced into the production cycle or be taken away to waste silos for storage and further processing.