Metas - We are available 24/7 for you

For a complete service and maximum operational reliability
High performance machinery, with high conveying capacities and which remove your daily ballast. This is the reason our own, ideally trained service staff performs service and general maintenance work at regular intervals; this safely prevents costly downtimes and guarantees a long system service life.

For especially critical areas, we have set up a 24-hour Emergency Service system and can offer you fast and qualified help around the clock by our service technicians or will take care of any technical problems on site on short notice.

Our TPM Service for the automotive sector:
We offer the TPM service (Total Productive Maintenance) at quarterly or half-yearly intervals with the goal of achieving maximum plant reliability to our customers in the area of plant engineering and construction.

Every component is recorded in 3D-CAD and is given its own individual item number. Thus, it can be monitored in a targeted fashion. After evaluating the findings, we can initiate preventive maintenance measures, long before downtimes occur.

Safety, our central guideline
Special test instruments help us to perform the majority of all the control work during ongoing production.